Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 20 Lunar Eclipse

This photo was taken along the Delaware riverbank in Burlington City the night of the lunar eclipse, 2/20/2008. The night began with clouds and flurries but cleared up when the moon was halfway through the penumbra. I took 72 photos at two-minute intervals from 9:58 (two minutes before it completely entered the umbra) to 12:20 early 2/21/08 (11 minutes after it had started leaving the penumbra and began to otherwise be unnoticeable to the naked eye). Eventually all 72 photos will be animated to show a quick progression of the majority of the eclipse that I caught, and the particular photo seen below was taken closest to "totality," or the midway point of the eclipse when the moon was halfway (and thus most centrally) through the umbra. Photo was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel 0.8 seconds at 400 ISO through a Celestron 9.25" SCT.
(Note: I reposted the image which in my opinion appeared too bright and "digitally tweaked" on other computer monitors not callibrated to visually duplicate the prints I create.)


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